Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Definition of Ego

The key truth about the Clintons is that they are strongest when being attacked. It was Gingrich that gave Clinton purpose and direction in the mid-1990s; and it was Ken Starr who gave them a life-line in the late 1990s. They are geniuses at pivoting off those who attack them. So the real answer to the Clintons is to let them collapse on their own terms, to watch them fail to get the necessary votes and delegates to win and desperately try to leverage the constructive forces of their opponent to gain back the White House.

Every push against them only strengthens them more. Obama needs to restate his core positive message, reach out to independents, Republicans, Hispanics, blacks and the young, and get out of the Clintons' sociopathic path. You only get bloodied if you fight them. And watching them self-destruct, slowly and by their own efforts, is the only way they will not turn defeat into some kind of Pyrrhic victory.

--Andrew Sullivan

Darlings, this is what Pretty Lady has been saying, and saying and saying. This is the nature of the Vicious Cycle; this is the Harbinger of Apocalpyse within the mind. It is the attack thoughts of the ego.

The ego thrives upon attack; attack defines its entire existence. As long as it is fighting, it clings to the illusion of its own reality. Suffering makes it real; death makes it real. Thus the ego is irrevocably committed to death, and only to death.

(On a more pragmatic note--this is precisely the sort of mentality we do NOT need, at the helm of a major government, in a world filled with strife and unrest. Regardless of the specific policies advocated by that mentality.)

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