Saturday, January 05, 2008


Pretty Lady's author got a glowing half-sentence in a review in an obscure art publication! Hooray!

Pretty Lady got an oblique, catty insult in the self-same review! Controversy!

Is this the start of Schizophrenic Notoriety, or what?


Anonymous said...

Well, M'Lady, it may well be the beginning of something... *grin*

An obscure reference to someone speaking 'of themselves in the third person' - wonder who they might be?

What does it matter anyway? Your art is good as far as this individual is concerned. People will have their own opinions no matter what. Do *you* like your own efforts - that's what matters. In the end my or any person's opinion matters little.

k said...

*...entrance with color and simplicity.* Oh my, yes indeed!

*One person may be charmed to the eyeballs by those who speak of themselves in the third person, while another may find it spine-crushingly tedious...*

It seems to me that the positive one far outweighs the negative one. Besides, I expect you already knew there are people who just don't like the third person, no matter what.

Their loss!

The tone of the whole piece was quite nice, I thought. He seemed to actually be interested in the show's approach.

Well...although he did snark at the very word *blogger.*

silly man!

Desert Cat said...


I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one taken by that painting. I have not the language necessary to describe what/how.

Nancy said...

I wonder what it is about blogging that...seems to baffle some people. It's as if bloggers are looked upon as strange eccentrics. And, perhaps in some ways we are. One the one hand, we are exhibitionists, sharing a large part of our lives. In other ways, we are the shyest of people, showing our faces, masked by our written work.

Pretty Lady said...

Paypal allows you to set up code for a 'donation' button on their site, when you are logged in to your account, and then you cut and paste the code into your blog template.