Thursday, January 31, 2008

Go Kate!

Pretty Lady just received a note from one of her favorite Renegade Musicians, Kate Schrock:

Invocation was an absolute labor of love but it tapped out all my resources. A majority of the promo for this record has relied upon word of mouth and has been positive but slow going. However, I have just received some very good news: the record has made some inroads, and there is now enthusiastic interest coming from 2 prominent national radio promoters who, on the strength of the record as a whole and, despite my being an independent artist on a small budget, want to work the album's first single this Spring in the AAA market with us. We are so excited - as this is a crucial piece of the puzzle to bring the album into the world and to make it possible for myself and band to perform in regions outside the northeast US. This is the first time, in all my releases that I will have professional help with a radio publicity campaign.
Pretty Lady has a few observations:

First of all, if there is any independent musician walking the earth today who has Paid Her Dues, and deserves a break, it is Kate;

Second of all, it is High Time that Quality trumped Mass Media Manipulation With Huge Sums of Capital, and the Internet is the medium which makes this quixotic goal fall within the range of remote possibility;

Third, Pretty Lady herself knows a thing or two about being a Renegade Artist, one who lives and works outside the establishment, with little official encouragement or recognition of any kind, and she knows how soul-weary this can make a person. After a decade or two, no matter how powerful one's compulsion to create, how stringent one's discipline, how true one's inner guidance, how exacting one's quality demands, one starts to wonder--is this worth it? Is there any point at all? If I cannot touch people with my Art, if I cannot even support myself and my family, why am I continuing? Perhaps I should Capitulate, and let the forces of chaos, egotism and insipid taste carry the day.

This is why Pretty Lady STRONGLY encourages you to go to Kate's website, download some music, buy her album, post a review on your blog, or on her website, and tell everyone you know. Your soul, or at least hers, may depend on it.


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Doom said...

She is a beautiful powerful singer. She really is not to my taste, yet I can see her qualities. I will see where my money is, and try to get a purchase going. It might end up as a gift, I know a few ladies who might really appreciated the music, then again maybe not. I sometimes maintain magic, those who are special, I am not sure about her, though there is great promise.

Hey, very good of you to support her. That is how it is supposed to work, and I think from you it would only be done honestly. It sort of stinks, in some ways, doesn't it? I mean, the only way around the "good ol' boy" syndrome is to create your own syndrome. I guess that is a part of putting up or shutting up (or just going home and saying 'they' would not let you). Please, do not take that wrongly.

Oh, I just noted you have a boutique (if you have had it a while, apologies, I can be slow to note such things). I now feel a little stretched, which to buy first, if and when I can. But, not to worry, I do not believe you will be leaving soon. As well, I think I will try to have a few people look at some of your work and offerings. Modern art, as I have also said, is not really my thing. But you have some things that... stretch my perception limits joy.

Urhm, no promises, except that I will buy something from you, in time, if you have my size in clothing, or a few posters or something.