Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Website Complete

Pretty Lady's author has finished revamping her website. After much pulling out of hair, she dispensed with the cascading style sheets and flow formatting, and opted for Extreme Simplicity.

If there is a web designer out there who happens to think her website looks like 'a mom and pop shop,' he is welcome to re-code it for free, upload it to a sample site and submit to her criticism of his design capabilities. If he is not willing to do this, he may please keep his opinions to himself. Thank you.


Desert Cat said...

Woot! And what greets my eyes as I click there, but another glimpse of that amazing "Cathedral" painting!

Ah, I'm going to need to give myself a good hour or more to peruse, sometime later today.

Pretty Lady said...

Glad you approve of my splash selection. I'm fond of that one, too.

Anonymous said...

Simplicity is good, especially for what you're doing. Might wanna go for the ultimate simple and ditch the script stuff and just break out the galleries on the page as HTML. (That's not a visual comment, it's a technical comment.) Anyways, *I* like it.

Flipping through the paintings (why didn't I do that before? I dunno, I'm not sure you ever linked it from here), I can see you were a light & shadow freak (I'm one of those!), I really like the Day of the Dead ones ... and I rather get the feeling New York doesn't agree with you. Or rather New York agrees with you in the sense an oil stone agrees a knife blade.

['Resumes lurking in the depths.']

Anonymous said...

I like it, as well. And some of your paintings make me cry, I have no idea why.

k said...

*sigh of happiness*

mitzibel, the *heart* painting seems to break mine.

Chris C. said...

Congratulations! Excellent job, and may I dare to have the temerity to be proud of you? (This is because I know the determination it requires to see this kind of thing through, argh...)

I especially like seeing the original mandalas beside the final works. Very satisfying.

Good for you! :)

Arielle said...

Personally, I prefer simplicity. The new look is nice.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of you om it.

I don't have an eye for art. So I can't say too much other then I wouuldn't mind having some on my wall. But I can't afford real art.

btw, are you swedish Ms. Jackson?