Monday, October 08, 2007

Extravagant Socialization

For all of you darlings who are wildly curious as to how Pretty Lady spends her evenings in the glamourous city, Chris has kindly written a most detailed description of artistic debauchery:

Then an amazing thing happened. The piece became interactive. We all began to talk -- something nearly impossible at most noisy Chelsea openings -- and discuss the exposed details. One person noticed that the rusty ironwork poking through the brick was the support for the fire escape outside the window. We all speculated on why the brick was black on the side facing us (tar for waterproofing was our best guess). We talked about the history of New York City and the neighborhoods we'd seen change. Joe and his friend Vince spoke in shocked tones about how different Central Park North was even in the few years Joe had lived there; I myself was surprised because the area was one of the triumvirate of fabled Bad Neighborhoods of my youth -- Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and the South Bronx. Another visitor told me how even the South Bronx is being gentrified, which is a little like hearing that Disney's opened a new park in Antarctica. And speaking of Disney, we lamented the loss of Times Square to Disneyfication. Then, emboldened by her consumption of one lukewarm can of Budweiser, Stephanie did a balance beam routine on the exposed joist, but didn't do any flips despite our encouragement.
Pssst: there's a photo of Pretty Lady and her Gentleman Friend at the bottom.


k said...

You're wearing the curly boots! Yes?

And the Gentleman Friend is absolutely adorable.

What a fine post.

Pretty Lady said...

Isn't he, though?