Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Very disappointed

Pretty Lady was all prepared to be thrilled and impressed with the evident skills development of certain Nigerian 419 fraudsters--this website seemed to her an absolutely masterful fake. Complete with flawless French language skills (as far as she can tell), sophisticated design, great breadth of scope, and even extensive video coverage! For a moment, she had hope for the eventual gainful employability of our Nigerian brothers and sisters.

Sadly, it seems that our confidence friends have taken the principle of 'work smarter, not harder' to extremes. They have simply co-opted the Fondation de France website, not created it from scratch. Furthermore, their hopeless lack of sophistication is evident in their very grandiosity of vision; Pretty Lady has had enough experience of philanthropic organizations to know that there is no way any one of them will ever offer her a two-and-a-half million dollar grant for any reason, even if she had actually wasted a hundred hours of her life applying for one. Philanthropic organizations take, rather, the role of LeeAnn Flood playing "Mother" in a third-grade game of "Mother May I?":

'Quiet little girl, take one teeny-weeny baby-step forward.'

'Mother may I?'

'No, you may not.'

'Most popular girl in class, take ten giant steps forward.'


'Yes, you may.'

Pretty Lady is certain that LeeAnn Flood is now firmly ensconced in the Development department of a major cultural organization.


Anonymous said...

So, Pretty Lady, LeeAnn Flood was a third-grade playmate and Quiet Little Girl is now an artist in Brooklyn?

Pretty Lady said...

Pretty Lady just loves it when she finds another Intelligent Friend. As opposed to a Sadistic Playmate.

Anonymous said...

PL, DM apologizes. He will now recite over and over: IF is good; SP is bad. IF is good; SP is bad. IF is...

He will learn better.