Saturday, August 18, 2007

Advertisers Take Offense

Well, Pretty Lady has never experienced such hypocrisy in all her days. Google Ads have taken their marbles and stomped off of Pretty Lady's playground, because her Content offends them. Never mind that Sex Sells; that ads of all stripe may be viewed as blatant softcore pornography in these degenerate days. No, Google Ads is pure as the driven snow, and will not stoop to consort with a lady who gives sensible clean sex tips to good Christian families.

Pretty Lady will not bow down to such tactics; her site will remain true to her principles. She will discuss anything she likes, and will not alter her past pronouncements one jot. So if you like what Pretty Lady has to say, please feel free to hit her Rent Fund button, and/or suggest to her an ad company which is not so finicky.

UPDATE: Really, there is something Extremely Fishy about this. The element of Pretty Lady's site that Google objects to had been in existence for well over a year before they objected; they gave her three days to remove it, or else. Now Pretty Lady hears that this is happening to other sites as well, most notably one which supplies graphs, a more un-sexy topic than which she is hard put to think. And Morris suspects a 'wowser' of reporting her, which is also very, very strange.

Is this--Pretty Lady asks, quite seriously--the beginnings of Stealth Sharia Law?


Anonymous said...

Did Google come looking, or was it (more likely) some wowser reported you?

Whatever, I agree with you - it's quite hypocritical when their search engine leads to all kinds of porn when requested. Your particulat advice was hardly porn, except in the eyes of the particular wowser that I strongly suspect reported your site.

Chris Rywalt said...

It's karma. It's what you get for picking on me.

See? I blame you!

(In case it isn't obvious, I'm only kidding.)

Anonymous said...

Groucho MArx would sympathize....
(paraphrasing) I wouldn't want to join a club that would have me for a member.
bon chance, ma belle vivant.

Anonymous said...

India Brave Tango Papa

I've already said too much, Ms. Outlaw.

k said...

Hey. Let 'em drink Drano if they can't take a joke.

Desert Cat said...

I ditched googleads long ago, when Google started blacklisting some of my favorite bloggers.

So far I haven't heard of engaging in underhanded political and/or social activism. I have a smattering of ads on my site.

Not that they've ever earned me anything. But that's a function of traffic levels.