Saturday, November 15, 2008

Moved by God

Pretty Lady wishes to offer her sincere thanks and congratulations to the leaders of the Mormon church, as well as to all the others who have made this day possible. They have listened to the urgings of a wise and benevolent God, and in doing so they have sparked a peaceful nationwide movement to uphold love, decency, commitment, and equal rights for all Americans.

For freedom can never be bestowed; it can only be claimed. And the surest path to claiming one's freedom lies in recognizing, resisting and overcoming the obstacles placed in the way.


Courage Campaign on-line petition

Petition to strip the Mormon church of tax-exempt status

Box Turtle Bulletin

Ed Winkleman: Backlash Whiplash
"This country will improve enormously when we impress upon its self-appointed moral agents that the burdens of belief fall to the believers, not upon the unbelievers. Do you see the Jews trying to criminalize pork? Then what business do the Mormons, Catholics, or anyone else have regarding gay marriage? If your credo damns homosexuality, have the decency to let everybody who doesn't arrange their lives according to literal readings of third-hand translations of Bronze Age literature make their own contractual arrangements."


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