Monday, November 24, 2008


Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Hey, just so you know, it is already too late.

it is. trust me on this. she just went to the bathroom, she's waiting in line for it, she's like second in line, so we have a few minutes, maybe more, but at least a few, so time's kinda of the essence here.

you've ruined the date, your first date, it's over. cause you ruined it.
Read the whole thing. Read it twice. Rarely is truth expressed so economically, and in such a deeply satisfying way.


Spatula said...



*laughs more*

Chris Rywalt said...

Do men really order for women? I can't even imagine.

I also can't imagine getting into a fistfight, but I hear men do that, too.

I seem to be suffering from a poverty of imagination.

Pretty Lady said...

Not too many men are specifically clueless enough to order for a woman, in this day and age, but a whole lot of men are generally clueless enough to do something monumentally stupid on a date, then misinterpret your reaction thoroughly enough to try to kiss you as you're fleeing.

And LOTS of men get into fistfights. It requires excess testosterone plus alcohol, however, which is probably why you can't imagine it.

Chris Rywalt said...

Two chemicals I'm chronically short on, alas.

Monumentally stupid on a date. Hm. Can't imagine that, either, but then I can't imagine a date at all.