Monday, June 02, 2008

The Rules

Just to be perfectly clear; the only actions that will get a commenter banned from Pretty Lady's site are these:

1) Gratuitous personal insults toward Pretty Lady or any of her friends.

2) Slandering Pretty Lady or any of her friends.

3) Consistent and aggressive, or passive-aggressive, intellectual dishonesty.

4) Unethical misrepresentation of self; i.e. taking off one's virtual wedding ring before entering the virtual bar. Although flirting in general is a social activity and not a sexual one, there is no reason not to be Up Front about one's relationship status unless one has something to hide. Rest assured that married gentlepersons get as much flirtatious action as single ones, possibly more.

And Pretty Lady herself, if it is not crystal clear, is Not Available.

Other than that, you may continue.


Anonymous said...

Wow PL...

you sure know how to tease.

Desert Cat said...

Did I miss something?

Pretty Lady said...

No, you've always behaved just fine, DC, as has jSinSaTx. He was just getting paranoid.

Anonymous said...

What about gratuitous insults toward Pretty Lady's enemies?

Kidding! Besides, you enlightened types never have any. :-D

Wollf Howlsatmoon said...

Four....oops. Not really married, re-read my comment and it looked that way. Meant "X" wife.

Do I have to go away?

Pretty Lady said...

Oh, I have a few enemies, Spatula, but their characters are such that any insults levelled toward them are likely to be simple, unadorned statements of fact, so the 'gratuitous' clause goes unmet.

HAM, to meet requirement #4, one has to flirt in a highly targeted and diligent manner for months and months and months, while repressing all mention of any current relationship, in order to qualify. You are quite safe, since as yet we hardly know you.

Wollf Howlsatmoon said...

*phew*....made the first cut.....heh

The Aardvark said...

This amuses. Because of chemicals I use, I am often band-less, as stuff hides under it and irritates.

This does not do away with the shiny ring-shaped skin where the ring would be, nor does it do away with the much larger psychic wedding band.

I guess one must be married inside for the jewelry to be much use.

That was either profound or screamingly obvious.

Sorry you had to lay down the Rules. You're a peach. (Which in no way says you are the pits.)