Monday, June 30, 2008

The Effects of Separation on the Human Physiognomy

Darlings, Pretty Lady must cut to the chase. This is us.

Note that Pretty Lady said: This is us.

Not you. Not them. Us.

If you will please to imagine what we are discussing in this picture, you can have no doubt; we are, of course, discussing Them. Those other people over there, who are different from us. The ones who have different ideas, opinions, habits, races, cultures, and beliefs than we do; the ones who Did Us Wrong, and the ones who Must Pay. Moreover, we have plans for these people. We are going to Get Things From Them. We are going to Take Them Down. We are going to Prove Them Wrong, and excoriate and shame them, and wipe them from the face of the earth.

You can see it in our faces.

The problem is, of course, that this is us. All of us. As Pretty Lady said. There are no Other People over there; we're all here.

What a pickle.

Sometimes, in fact, Pretty Lady cannot stand to look at us for one more minute. We make her queasy. In fact, we have been making her queasy for most of her life. This, perhaps, is the reason for her Wandering Spirit; she keeps trying to find something to keep the nausea down.

So she looks a bit deeper. She has no choice. And she finds, under the surface, this:

And that is the Reason Why.

Any questions?


Bob said...


Get some Draino... it'll clean that mess out of your pipes in no time at all.

Chris Rywalt said...

Barnett Newman came to me in a dream last night. He said to say hello.

Spatula said...

I dig the silence in the blue. Is it a recent piece?

Pretty Lady said...

Yes, Spatula, I did it earlier this year. My finest collectors already snapped it up. :-)

Spatula said...


CAP said...


It's a diet thing, right?