Monday, September 17, 2007


Pretty Lady has been telling you and telling you. Rudy Giuliani is No Good. Although she perfectly understands the reasons that a Career Politician might forgo the opportunity to inform himself about crucial matters affecting his potential constituency, in order to scoop up a few hundred thousand grand, that doesn't mean she approves of it. But what really chaps her hide is that this person is totally unable to perceive an ethical paradigm which does not include the arbitrary Taking of Sides and doing egoistic battle unto the death to defend them, right or wrong:

When the group's report came out last December, Giuliani offered a different reason why he quit, saying he didn't think it was right for an active presidential candidate to take part in such an "apolitical" panel. Giuliani also took pains at the time to distance himself from some of the group's findings.
In other words, Truth and Justice and Appropriate Action mean nothing to this man; Presidential Candidates, in his stated opinion, must avoid such dangerous things.

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Anonymous said...

After the dust clears on the next election, the new president has got to find this man a job. The masses demand bread and circuses to distract them from how pathetic reality is. Keep Rudy in the limelight, and the government just needs to find enough bread.