Friday, February 10, 2006

The peerless Reese

Recently viewed: 'Just Like Heaven,' with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo.

Verdict: Buy this movie. Now. Put it in the DVD player on a repeat loop and do not stop playing it for the rest of the week. Two-day rental from Blockbuster is Not Sufficient. You must experience this movie in depth over a period of time.

Points which induced delighted guffaws and rolling on floor:

Bar scene, where spirit of Reese successfully prevents Mark from consuming a double whiskey, and the actor Mark successfully proves that he is Jim Carrey's equal in terms of kinesthetic comedy.

Any scene containing that guy from Napoleon Dynamite.

Punch in jaw in hospital.

The line about moving bodies.

Most of the others, too.

Points which induced actual, copious weeping:

The Backward Glance.

The Roof.

Probably some others, too.

Perhaps Pretty Lady is merely in a hormonally delicate state of mind, but she doesn't think so. She can't imagine how this movie could have received a dismissal from whatever pretentious New Yorker critic reviewed it. It proves the validity of her artistic philosophy; careening wildly between the sublime and the ridiculous can be the best way to touch the soul.

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