Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How To Leave a Loser: Now with Crowdsourcing!

Hello darlings! It is so lovely to be here once more, and with such good news!

Rather than floating off into the ether, or wherever burned-out bloggers go, Pretty Lady is working on a book. And you--yes you, darlings--can help!

You see, one of my most salient (albeit well-disguised) sins has always been laziness. For example: whilst performing the duties of an Information Lady, upon receiving a difficult call, some earnest librarians would simply dive into research. Whereas I, Pretty Lady, would laze back in my chair and think for a moment. "Who is the expert in this field? Upon whom, then, may I fob this off?"

This technique is known in library circles as 'working smarter, not harder.'

So friends, as you may have surmised, my time these days is limited. I am Racing Round. I have not the leisure for the maundering ruminations you have come to love so well. However, I have been doing a great deal of study on the topic of Modern Entrepreneurship, and learning how to save time by making liberal use of other people's Brilliant Ideas.

This technique is called, in entrepreneurial circles, 'crowdsourcing.'

Pretty Lady, then, has a proposition for you. She will write, and publish, a book. (Most likely in your choice of convenient electronic formats.) She will provide the title and the themes. She only asks you to provide her with your most personal, private, shameful secrets and concerns. Of course the strictest anonymity will be mantained.

The title, as of this writing:

How to Leave a Loser
(and other love stories) 
by Pretty Lady 

Pretty Lady would be more than honored if you would provide her with one or both of these items:

1) Your burning questions on Losers, and how to leave them.
2) Your horror stories regarding Losers, and other love affairs.

Bonus question: Are you a Loser? What's that about?

Please direct your materials to: prettyladymylove at yahoo dot com. Or leave them in the comments. Or on Pretty Lady's Facebook page. Or in an unmarked envelope slid under her door. Your choice.

(You may also have noticed, on the sidebar, that Pretty Lady has a Light List. This List is for the sole purpose of distributing Treats to her admirers. You must Subscribe to discover of what these Treats shall consist. A word to the wise.)


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