Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pretty Lady for Hire

Yes, darlings, it is true. Pretty Lady sold her soul--or at least, her idiosyncratic Voice--for bargain-basement prices. Alas, one must live. Behold:

Extreme Window Shopping

Achieving A Timeless Style (on a Limited Budget)

The Ideal Cheap Date

Please to forgive the rather inane content, as well as the choppy editing. The commercial world has not yet caught up with Pretty Lady's more esoteric sensibilities.

As well, please do Pretty Lady the honor of ignoring the fact that this atrocity has her name upon it. I have been forever cured of the notion that having a professional editor actually improves one's readability.

1 comment:

george said...

Rest assured souls cannot be had so cheaply. As for your idiosyncratic Voice, allow it to insinuate itself into and onto the inane. At some point in time readers will come to expect it and miss it if you stint. Good Luck.