Thursday, December 17, 2009

Order your Mandala Calendar

Calendars are being printed and shipped this week; they will be 9"x 9", on 100# paper with a glossy cover. The price of $18 includes tax and shipping. When you click the button you will be prompted to enter the number of calendars you want, and your shipping address.

The original drawings and watercolors will be available for sale as well; please contact Stephanie for prices. Happy holidays!


Chris Rywalt said...

The one in the [2,2] position looks new. I like it.

Pretty Lady said...

Chris, if you were still on Facebook you'd get to see the new ones before anyone else; as it is, you're going to have to wait until I get my website updated. There's going to be a real store! The first printing of calendars is almost sold out.

Oriane Stender said...

Almost sold out? Your publishing empire is off to a great start. You go, Calendar Girl!



Chris Rywalt said...

Do I need to note that if I were still on Facebook I'd be lynched?

The near-sellout is great news. I guess if I want to buy one I'd better get on it!