Thursday, October 02, 2008

The World Is In Front Of You

Pretty Lady just got back from Chelsea, and is delighted to report that the show she went to see was every bit as splendid as she thought it would be. She will review it on her Art Blog, soon.

However, she is not quite so delighted to report that as far as the persons hosting the show were concerned, Pretty Lady might as well have been invisible. Nary a cordial 'hello' or 'how are you'? or 'do you have any questions?' did she receive; not once did anyone working there so much as glance in her direction, although she was the only visitor in the room.

Now, although this is, unfortunately, standard behavior for persons who host shows in Chelsea, Pretty Lady remains eternally shocked by it. All the more so because lately, she has been the recipient of an avalanche of Press Releases, Publicity Materials, and Obsequious Schmoozing by hosts of art exhibitions who have sussed out the fact that she hosts a minor Art Blog. Some of these shameless promotional attempts have emanated from the selfsame persons who have repeatedly, overtly snubbed her when she appeared at their galleries In Person.

She is here to inform these people that they are wasting their time and money by continuing to court her. Press releases from galleries which cannot maintain a modicum of civility when she takes the trouble to visit them go straight into the circular file, unread.

Pretty Lady suspects that this sort of crass, self-defeating behavior stems from the mythic fantasy that Somebody Out There is responsible for the success or failure of one's endeavors. It is never the lady standing in front of you who is going to write a rave review of your exhibition, purchase a painting, tell her high-powered Art World friends all about it and whisper into the ear of the Whitney. It is That Figure Off In The Distance.

No wonder the vast majority of the Art in these places is not worth a hill of navy beans. For Great Art, in her book, is about True Perception, and the art dealers of Chelsea do not seem to be able to perceive the world that is right in front of their noses.

However, Pretty Lady has no wish to penalize genuine Artists for the poor behavior of their representatives. So she will write that Rave Review anyway.

But she rather suspects that, particularly in the current economic climate, the eBay model of art sales and marketing is the one to bet on.


Spatula said...

I've noticed that wearing diamonds and expensive leather coats makes formerly snobby art people prostrate themselves at one's feet like human rugs. It's possible that you may have registered as poor on their little money-dar, even though I am willing to bet at least $50 that you were stylish and beautiful that day.

Pretty Lady said...

Indeed. I was wearing my obscenely expensive Trippens, plus a hip little designer confection of a dress, with an authentic silk Italian shawl. Chelsea-ites have lousy taste, in addition to everything else.

Spatula said...

Heh. Then I offer my second hypothesis: they are just total biatches who should be eaten by carnivorous ants.

Pretty Lady said...

It occurs to me, Spatula, that persons who get the red-carpet treatment nearly always appear in couples. One must be an expensively-dressed lady accompanied by a gentleman who looks as if he paid for your outfit, if one wants to truly send the message, 'disposable income for grabs.'

As a side note, my Gentleman Friend reports that whenever I leave him alone at an art event, he is instantaneously swarmed by beautiful women, because he is good-looking and wearing a tie. The Find A Sugar Daddy instinct is highly honed in these circles.

Spatula said...

Oy, don't get me started on the difference in how people treat a single woman vs. a woman who has (is had by?) a man. From party invitations to promotions, being single is NOT the way to get ahead. I don't know why that should be. But I'm convinced that it is thus.

Pretty Lady said...

Oy, indeed. Having been single for the vast majority of my adult life, I can vouch for your perspective 100%.

I could write a post on it, but I am going out of town. How about you write it, and I link to it when I get back?

Spatula said...

Okeley dokeley!