Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Was NOT Said

Pretty Lady must admit she had her hopes up. When the question was asked, "What have you taken from the lessons of Vietnam and Iraq?" she was just waiting for somebody to answer, "You can't export democracy by force."

But nobody said it. They went on and on about 'winning' (whatever that means) and opportunity costs (good point) and tactics vs. strategy (McCain thought he knew, Obama actually did.)

But when in the world are we going to admit that democracy is a system of government that arises organically when a majority of the citizenry is physically safe, well-fed, well-educated, and socially aware? And that when this is not the case, attempts to impose a democratic system result in chaos, kleptocracy, demagoguery, pyramid schemes, mass manipulation of an ignorant public, and eventual civil war?

And that this, by the way, is why Pretty Lady is advocating that we pay a great deal more attention to educational standards in this country?

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Anonymous said...

Pretty Lady

Would that all the members of Congress get this message. But who would explain it to them, perhaps their advisers and staff? Won’t work – vested interest – a job. I have it! Vote them all out – every last one of them (up for re-election). The remnant would be left to regale the newcomers with horrible tales of that terrible (election) night in ought eight. I believe that such would have the effect of capturing the attention, clearing the mind, and narrowing the focus of future legislators of whatever persuasion.