Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pretty Lady Inaugurates the Fall Art Season!

'The Disappointments,' archival digital photo print, RA Friedman, 2008
more at Philly Magic Theatre

As may be obvious, darlings, Pretty Lady has been suffering from the Summer Art Doldrums. She's not sure what it is, but heat and humidity tend to induce in her a certain ennui, even pessimism, about her central passion--the explication, illustration, and Lifting Up of the Human Condition through the creation of useless aesthetic objects.

However, Autumn is upon us, and Pretty Lady is Perking Up. She has updated her Art Blog with a short paean to the lovely works of Los Angeles artist, Lisa Adams. Additionally, she attended the opening of A Cabinet of Photographic Curiosities in Philadelphia this weekend; she and her Gentleman Friend took part in the initial Curious Photo Shoot, which was great fun! See if you can spot a floating Pretty Lady and her constrained Gentleman Friend in the photostream that Philly Magic Theatre has so expeditiously posted online.

Upcoming, Pretty Lady will be attending Nancy Baker's opening at Denise Bibro Project Space in Chelsea this week, under threat of a Jewish Voodoo Curse. Assuming she survives, she will then proceed to Jennifer Coates' exhibition at Kinz, Tillou and Feigen on September 9.

Since Pretty Lady is, to put it mildly, aesthetically picky, she cannot guarantee that she will show up anywhere else, but if you think you can make the cut, please feel free to send her a press release. Tally-ho!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty Lady

On the bell curve of knowledge of contemporary art/culture I am embarrassingly close to the flat line end representing philistines. I have a sense of something though and wondered whether you could shed some light?

I notice mention of contemporary women artists in your post. Over the last few years I’ve come across an inordinate number (again, just a sense) of women’s names as contemporary artists (painters). In the field of professional painters (and those making a serious attempt) are women represented as never before? Would you venture a guesstimate as to percentage? What about the gender make up of Art Schools?