Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Whole Woman

Gracious. Twisty must have gotten a soul transplant, during her long hiatus, because Pretty Lady actually agrees with her:
In this 2006* interview snippet, Sawyer accosts Madonna at a booksigning promoting her kiddie book The English Roses, accusing her of “hypocrisy.”
her sanctimony is disingenuous. The history of “legitimate” publishing in America is inseparable from the history of porn publishing; the latter has always been used to finance the former, and more than one serious writer has paid the rent by pounding out smut. TS Eliot’s publisher funded The Waste Land with trashy pulp fiction with titles like Flaming Youths.

Madonna’s no TS Eliot, but more people, by a factor of at least 8 gajillion, have busted a move to “Material Girl” than have ever even heard of J. Alfred Prufrock. Thus she has accrued enough cash and clout to land her in that class of women who, for their failure to be sufficiently chaste, must be reviled and ridiculed on Good Morning America.**

Pretty Lady, as her friends know, has taken her share of flak for daring to publish the occasional bit of erotic prose, and, moreover, featuring the link to it upon her sidebar. She has been banned from Google Ads for this act of impurity, and has been forced to eke out her income by selling ad space to shady European dating consortiums. She has been openly mocked, and her credibility challenged, by evangelical atheists who ought to know better. And her Mommy is afraid to read her blog.

But Pretty Lady maintains, as a matter of principle, that Sex is a part of Life; that it is, in fact, central to the perpetuation of same, and that there is nothing shameful about it. Moreover, it seems to her essential that persons with pretentions to intellect, creativity, and spirituality should also admit to being sexual beings; that sexuality should be integrated with the package. For if sex becomes Splintered Off, only to be engaged upon in furtive alleys with persons of intellectual, creative and spiritual vacuity, we our doing ourselves, our children and our society a terrible disservice. We are debasing and disowning an essential part of ourselves.

So the blowjob post stays.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty Lady, this is a great post. You sort of stunned me with the ending though, I couldn't help but giggle. :)