Monday, December 17, 2007

Splendid musician, and still alive!

Lovely Kate Schrock has released a new album, which Pretty Lady thinks would make a splendid stocking-stuffer, for anyone on your Christmas list who is devastated at the loss of Dan. Pretty Lady met Kate at the Sidewalk Cafe on the lower East Side, several years ago, was captivated, and purchased her albums 'Dames Rocket' and 'Indiana' on the spot. They have been played thin, particularly on road trips when she is in an exaltedly solitudinous mood. Go! Thither! Listen! Purchase!


Chris Rywalt said...

Don't ugly people make music any more? A few years back I found this song online by Janis Ian called "Ride Me Like a Wave" which, in the remixed version I found, is, like, one of the sexiest songs of all time. So I looked up Janis Ian online -- how soon we forget! She had a hit back in 1975 (in my defense, I was only four at the time) -- and, good god, she's about a hundred years old!

Now, far be it from me to state that old people or ugly people shouldn't have sex lives. They should. Especially since I'm in one category and rapidly heading for the other. Hooray for old moldy sex!

But it does seem that every time I hear about some new recording artist -- especially a woman -- it turns out they're hilariously good-looking. Where are the young Janis Ians and Meat Loafs? Christopher Cross would never have won a Grammy in today's industry. And Steve Tyler would be laughed off the stage.

Desert Cat said...


Chris Rywalt said...

If MTV actually played music videos, I'd believe you.

Desert Cat said...

I wouldn't know. I've never watched it. But I'm given to understand that back in the 1980s it transformed music from being primarily an audio experience to being multimedia for a generation.

It does seem to coincide with the end of the butt-ugly music star.

Chris Rywalt said...

It does seem like MTV is often trotted out as the reason why ugly people don't do music these days. But it's been at least ten years since people started complaining that MTV doesn't play videos. So I wonder what's keeping the beauty ball rolling.