Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tacky, tacky

Pretty Lady thinks this Time Out NY quiz is Simply Dreadful. It is rude, it is unkind, it violates the privacy of innocent ladies who commit the crime of walking around New York in the summertime, outside, dressed.

Naturally she read the entire thing, and studied the results with avid interest.

She was interested to note a few things: that evidently, Words Written on one's Curves are almost universally viewed as 'skanky,' no matter what those words might say. Flowing hair and dresses, on the other hand, are generally 'sexy.'

Pretty Lady thought that all the ladies were sexy, except of course for the lingerie mannequin, and was deeply, deeply offended by the fact that older women dressed to chill were assessed in a negative fashion. What are older women supposed to do, stay indoors, or wear caftans? Hmph.


Chris Rywalt said...

Words written across one's person can go either way. Over the weekend I met a saleswoman who had a short sentence tattooed just under the inside of her left elbow, in a small, unadorned style. It matched an even shorter sentence on the inside of her left wrist. I wanted very, very badly to find out what it all said, but didn't ask, because part of me actually does sometimes hold back for fear of annoying other people. (Not often, but it does happen.) Although it did cross my mind that anyone who gets a tattoo wants other people to see it, so she shouldn't have been annoyed if I did ask. Followed closely by the idea that if she did want some people to read it, aging fat dads were not included.

Part of the problem with me at this precise moment -- which ties in with the sexy/skanky quiz, loosely -- is I re-started my testosterone replacement therapy, so my levels are probably quite high. Only a man who has had low testosterone treated -- only someone who's gone from low to high, and maybe back and forth a few times -- can really appreciate how powerful it is. Having the hormone back now, just as everyone is taking their clothes off, is, um, unnerving.

So I'm trying extra extra not to randomly talk to women forced by profession to talk back to me, like cashiers, saleswomen, and waitresses.

Anonymous said...

chris--you should take a break from New York and spend the summer in a Midwestern college town. Oh, sure, there are your fair share of 18-20 year old hotties in micro minis and spaghetti tanks, but then again, this is the *Midwest*--where our largest exports are cows and college degrees, and cows with college degrees (usually in women's studies).

Desert Cat said...

cows with college degrees (usually in women's studies)


Having the hormone back now, just as everyone is taking their clothes off, is, um, unnerving.

"Pointing" whichever direction you're facing, eh?

Chris Rywalt said...

DC sez:
"Pointing" whichever direction you're facing, eh?

Let's not get out of hand, here.


Desert Cat said...

Oh. So you have things well "in hand" then.

Chris Rywalt said...

You know what they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Pretty Lady said...

Tacky, tacky!!

k said...


k said...

God above, I LOVE springtime!

Chris Rywalt said...

At least I'm not quoting Moby Dick.

"From hell’s heart I stab at thee! In the produce aisle, no less!"

Anonymous said...

Heck, I thought the questionaire was a hoot!

They should do one on men--just to be fair--for those who think fairness is a right.