Tuesday, March 28, 2006

To the lighthouse

UPDATE: The gentleman is better, and has deleted the post written in extremis, which is why you cannot follow the link. I have updated the link to include merely the gentleman's general blog direction, which is worth checking out for many reasons.

First of all, Pretty Lady has not been in jail, she has been on vacation. Thank you all for your concerned letters; five days computer-free has made her a New Woman. Family Gossip to be forthcoming.

Second of all, Pretty Lady had a rather disturbing letter in her box this morning. She knows her fan base; you are all wonderful people. Please go to this gentleman's blog and offer him some comfort.

I keep thinking about suicide. Yes I know it's the easy way out.... that's the point. It's easy. Life is hard... The older I've grown the more disgusted I have become with our species. When I walk beside the super highway I see the thousands of pounds of junk tossed out the polluting cars. I ask myself why don't people care? ... Since I'm not confined by religions "judgment after death", death seams like a good option. I am ashamed of mankind and what we are doing to the life on this planet... Then it dawned on me, why I want to join mr. bush and the Christian war on the axis of evil. If I go through the training required to become a storm trouper, I will become an army of one. I will lose myself. Myself is the only thing that keeps me hear. My individuality. I want to become a solder so I can take the easy way out. Stop thinking, stop creating, start destroying.....

Pretty Lady has already given this gentleman some advice which is between ourselves; she is opening up the forum to the rest of you. If you have something wise to say, say it. If you become needlessly abusive to a soul in torment, be forewarned that Pretty Lady (and her brother) will Hunt You Down.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pretty Lady,
That fellow you talked about, he is seriously depressed. I understand his feelings. Been there more then once. Only contiplated self demise only once. Someone said (out loud... I heard the voice) not to do it. Only no one was there. I heard it in my head. Anyways... Life usually gets better. However, I have seen some where it didn't get better. A few managed to kill themselves. I hate to even think where they are now. Sad really. I once tried to talk to someone feeling like that. Well that was a mistake. I am the wrong person to talk to when your thinking about massive depression.

Anyways, Pretty Lady, how have you been? I missed you.

What are your beliefs if someone is a Christain and they commit suicide?

Anonymous said...

It's good to have you back. I missed you.

BoysMom said...

I am probably not the one to talk to someone so depressed, but it seems to me that someone who is ashamed of mankind perhaps ought to consider what he can do to influence people to behave better, in whatever little way that might be. When people don't care, it is frequently because no one has taught them to care, or shown them why they should. Perhaps he could find some purpose and hope in reaching out to others. Ending his own life cannot improve the world, if anything, it would damage the world simply because there would be one less person who cares. He sounds like he is concerned about the environment, perhaps he could begin by looking up some of the environmental groups, who are always in need of volunteers, and find others with the same concerns he has in that way.

Chris C. said...

May I echo boysmom and suggest the practice of helping someone else?

This gentleman sounds like he is in a moment where he needs to think about something---anything---other than himself. Being of service, no matter how dull or hopeless that practice might seem, begins to remove the focus from oneself and one's perceived problems, while at the same time adding a little goodness into this world. It also moves one off dead-center and into a state of action. To move your body in a positive direction, even when you don't feel like doing it, can trick you into remembering that there IS a positive direction.

So I have found, without fail. Humble, but it works.

Peace to your friend, and to us all.

Anonymous said...

"Humble, but it works."

You're quite correct. I've also discovered that having a stake in the future is also a cure.

heidi said...

His words poke bamboo skewers at the parts of my heart that remember being where he is.

He will be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

First as a former United States Marine I never considered myself an insturment of destruction and the two conflicts I was a part of were far from being the holy wars this gentleman describes.
My advice is simple and direct. Your life is what you make it to be. Few individuals ever impact the world on macro level, but just because we cannot change the world in total doesn't mean a man cannot make a difference in the lives he touches. Have faith, be a force for good and your life will not be in vain.

Anonymous said...

If he is reading this: Don't just please, don't. A friend of mine did, and I have anger and grief when I think of him even today. Anger at myself, anger that he didn't feel he could come to me as a friend, anger at myself that I didn't know he was feeling that bad. Grief that he is gone, grief that all of that potential is lost to this world, grief at the pain it caused his family.

Talk to your friends, you might be suprised at what positive things they can do.
Talk to your family.
Talk to your pastor/father/rabbit/spiritual guide, they can help you make sense of this crazy world.
Talk to your doctor, they can recommend councelors.

You feel the stewards role in the world, now act on it! One person *CAN* make a difference. Become a voice to the world!

The Aardvark said...

The gentleman's blog is offline.
I shall pray, aussi....

I am most glad to not be God, in that the suicide issue is not for me to judge, but because the Scriptures are fairly silent about it, I imagine He has Many Other Things more pressing to "worry" over.

If you all will abide an edifying thumplet:
1 John 1:7, "But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin."

If I am in the light, and in fellowship, and yet suffer the predations of depression of either organic or spiritual source, such that I seek the Undiscovered Country...well, Christ's blood is still as effective as if I were singing "Happy, happy, joy, joy". But again, it's not my call. I'm just thinkin' out loud.